Frequently Asked Questions About Tax Year

Q: Who needs to file a 2018 tax return?

A: Filing Status

Single: Under 65
65 or older

Married Filing Jointly:
Both spouses under 65
One spouse 65 or older
Both spouses 65 or older

Married Filing Separately*

Head of House:
Under 65
65 of older

Qualifying Widow:(er) w/ dependent children:
Under 65
65 or older

*Or, married and living apart
at end of 2018.

Gross Income is at least:






Q: When is my 2018 tax return due?
A: April 15, 2019

Q: How early can I file?
A: You may electronically file anytime once you receive your W2 and all other tax related paperwork but you must wait until the IRS avails itself to mail-in returns, which is typically at the end of January of the filing year. IRS efiling is expected to be delayed this year due to the Tax Cut & Jobs Act changes.

Q: How much can I deduct for charitable contributions?
A: Generally you can deduct whatever you give, but there are some limitations so it is best to consult with your tax professional. Due to the increase in the standard deduction, many taxpayers will not benefit from contributions and will not need to file a Schedule A.

Q: Can I deduct all of my closing costs when buying a house?
A: The interest and real estate taxes related to closing costs can be deducted, if your total deductions exceed the amount of your standard deduction.

Q: How much can I deduct for a dependent on my 2018 tax return?
A: Dependent deductions have been eliminated, but your standard deduction is much larger this year.

Q: Why shouldn't I use a tax software program?
A: A tax professional provides personalized service and knowledge, and is typically more aware of various deductions and tax rules.

Income Tax Services for Small Businesses Montgomery Co MD
Income Tax Services for Small Businesses Montgomery Co MD

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